With a purchase of up to and above HK$600.- (products only), you become automatically our member and enjoy immediately a discount  of 12% and thereafter (except non-discounted and personalization items).

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About Us


Our Mission:

Party For Less believes that party can cheer our hearts and relax our stressful life. A successful party brings lots of fun and memories to all the guests and hosts. We always understand that holding a party is not an easy stuff; it costs the host’s full attention for choosing the venue, preparing the food and decorating the venue. We try our best to gather all the party supplies for our customers in order to save your precious time, so that you can fully enjoy the party without trouble.

In Party For Less, you can find over 3000 kinds of party supplies including the party favors, balloons, candles, tableware, gift warps and party decoration with different themes. Our mission is trying to provide the best service and products to all the customers so they will never need to rush about the preparation. We have helpful and skillful staffs for helping customers to choose the right stuffs and we offer the party supplies as a fair price to fulfill all the customers’ wants.

So… Save Your Time! Organize Your Party For Now!